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Vormingscentrum Essenburgh offers space, time and attention to reflect on what affects people and organizations as a result of turning points in life. Turning points are events that happen when the loss of loved ones or loss of other securities occur.

"That will not happen to me" (a disaster or violent incident);

"It will not pass so fast" (aging, retirement).

At these times, resilicience is necessary, which can be enhanced by our expertise in the field of loss and change, the role of beliefs and coping skills, and organizational culture as a context of change. With these insights, one can insert a new course and take the direction of life back into one's own hands.

Vormingscentrum Essenburgh offers various courses and trainings which help in preparing for, or processing of these turning points.

Life & Career

·         Retirement In Sight
·         Career In New Perspective
Prevention Psychotrauma

·         Familydetectives: Dealing with Large-Scale Emergencies
·         Training Company Reception
·         Police: Dealing with Missing
·         Dealing with Aggression and Violence
·         Shelter and Aftercare of Disasters
·         Caregiver Training and Suicide
Loss & Grief

·         Funeral at Work
·         Palliative Care
·         Victim Assistance and Care
·         Meeting Days for Survivors After Suicide

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